Mobil Rarus PE Series

Ethylene compressor oil

Mobil Rarus™ PE R-A, R-B, R-C and R-D 220 are viscous, colourless oils of ISO viscosity grade 220, specifically designed for the lubrication of very high pressure ethylene compressors. They are based on high purity, saturated hydrocarbon oils (white oils), supplemented with friction reducing and free-radical trap additives at adapted treat levels.

In the production of polyethylene, high-speed reciprocating compressors are used to compress ethylene gas to high pressures up to 3000bar. In these applications, the compressor lubricant can come in contact with the polyethylene in the polymerization process.  Under these circumstances, the lubricating oil required must be of acceptable purity and be known not to modify the properties of the polyethylene.

Mobil Rarus PE R-A, R-B, R-C and R-D 220 provides good lubrication of the compressor cylinders and are compatible with the polyethylene process.  They can be used to produce polyethylene where food contact can occur such as in food packaging.  Mobil Rarus PE R-A, R-B, R-C and R-D 220 have good thermal and chemical stability.  They can be used up to 3000 bars, according to injection system and temperature.  Reactive gas components and impurities may react into the compressor itself, with formation of sludge, which may lead to lubrication failure. This is prevented by the additives, which also reduce bushing wear.

Mobil Rarus PE R-A 220 is recommended with highly reactive gas components.

Mobil Rarus PE R-B 220 is recommended for low reactivity impurities. Its additives display low volatility and migration. It is well suited for applications where there is fatty food contact

Mobil Rarus PE R-C 220 is recommended for intermediate reactivity gases.

Mobil Rarus PE R-D 220 is recommended for specific highly severe, high pressure applications.


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Features and Benefits

Mobil Rarus PE R-A, R-B, R-C and R-D 220 are specifically engineered to help provide long and trouble-free compressor performance.  Mobil Rarus PE R-A, R-B, R-C, and R-D 220 products are NSF H1 registered for food machinery “Lubricants for Incidental Contact with Food”, and meet the requirements for lubricants with incidental food contact (FDA 21 CFR 178.3570) and processing aids used in the production of olefin polymers intended for use in contact with food (FDA 21 CFR 177.1520)

Mobil Rarus PE R-A, R-B, R-C and R-D 220 compressor oils offer the following benefits:

FeaturesAdvantages and Potential Benefits
High neutrality and low reactivity componentsDo not interfere with catalytic polymerization reactions
High purity componentsDo not induce any discolouration or odor in the final polymer
Components approved for food contactSuitable for the manufacture of polymers for food packaging
Low polaritySuitable in the manufacture of polymers for electrical insulation and thin bags (plastic bags)
Premium quality productsReduced maintenance shutdowns
  • Suitable for applications where they can come in contact with food
  • High purity levels so that they will not modify properties of polyethylene
  • Excellent cylinder lubricant helping to prolong compressor life
  • Good thermal and chemical stability resulting in lower deposits and longer oil life



Mobil Rarus PE R6A, R-B, R-C, R-D 220 have the following applications:

  • High pressure ethylene compressors
  • Compressors used in the production of polyethylene used in food contact applications


Specifications and Approvals

MOBIL RARUS PE R-A, R-B, R-C and R-D 220 meet or exceed the requirements of:*R-A 220R-B 220R-C 220R-D 220
FDA 21 CFR 177.1520XXXX
FDA 21 CFR 178.3570XXXX


MOBIL RARUS PE R-A, R-B, R-C and R-D 220 are registered to the requirements of:R-A 220R-B 220R-C 220R-D 220
NSF H1 Registration Number138426138140138427141135



Test MethodTestUnitsMobil Rarus PE R-A 220R-B 220R-C 220R-D 220
ISO Viscosity grade  220220220220
Density at 15°CASTM D4052Kg/m3878874876872
Kinematic viscosity at 40°CASTM D 445mm2/s220226226220
Colour, SayboltASTM D156 +21 min+24 min+24 min+24 min
Flash PointASTM D 92°C210210210200
Pour PointASTM D 97°C- 12 max- 12 max- 12 max- 12 max
Acid numberASTM D 974mg KOH/g6.16.16.1 
Water contentASTM D 6304ppm505050 


Health and Safety

Based on available information, this product is not expected to produce adverse effects on health when used for the intended application and the recommendations provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are followed. MSDS's are available upon request through your sales contract office, or via the Internetor will be provided by seller to customers if and as legally required. This product should not be used for purposes other than its intended use. If disposing of used product, take care to protect the environment.